Bonjour! I’m Faye, a 21 year old who’s currently on her year abroad in Paris. I originally started this blog as a kind of diary to keep friends and family updated when I au paired in France during summer 2014, and it turned out I rather enjoyed writing about my life. I re-started the blog when I came on my year abroad, and decided I wanted it to be a bit more than just a monotonous diary recounting every little thing I’ve done.

I will try and keep it to the highlights of my year abroad, such as places I’ve travelled and the best things that I’ve done. I will also try to give you an insight into the roller coaster of emotions that us ‘cultured linguists’ experience on our ‘paid for vacation’ (LOL) and convey some truth about the whole experience. But then I also want it to be a bit more than that – perhaps give you some hints and tips on how to survive life in an anonymous city, or how to keep up with day to day things like health and fitness in a completely new environment, or how to make friends in a place where nobody wants to make friends. And, if you’re another student on their YA, I hope I give you a little comfort in that you’re not alone in whatever you’re feeling, despite what our Instagram pages may say.

So, navigate your way around and, please, don’t take me too seriously!


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ashley Griechen said:

    Hello Faye, my name is Ashley Griechen and I just happened to quit my au pair job in France. Can you guess whom I was working for? None other than Celine and Loïc in Clermont Ferrand. It is a incredible relief to see you’ve experienced some of the similar things I have. Although, admittedly, I stayed 2 months and I am just now leaving at the end of this week. I’m glad you left earlier because, let me tell you, it didn’t get better. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’m actually going to be in England (London specifically) Nov 7th to 12th (I thought it would be good to give myself a bit of a vacation after this whole ordeal) and I would love to meet up for drinks or something to share some stories if you lived anywhere nearby.


    • Omg! Ashley! This is the first time I have logged on in a year. I cannot believe this! I am so so sorry!!! Please add me on facebook or email me and tell me what happened. I still have nightmares about those people…

    • Ok, I just e-mailed and added you on facebook lol. I’m not crazy I just can’t believe how coincidental it was that you found my blog. I actually complained to the aupair agency because I knew that they were looking for another au pair and I didn’t want somebody else to go through what I did… especially if they came from further away than me! Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you x

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