So basically I’m using a blog as a way of keeping a diary of my time in France. I’ve never really been a fan of blogs, but I thought it would be a brilliant way to stay connected with my family and friends and everybody around me whilst I’m away without reiterating the same stories over and over! So really it’s more for my benefit than anything!

You might be wondering why my tagline is ‘a scousé girls experience living in France’, so I’ll fill you in. Those who know me know that my accent isn’t very traditionally scouse, and although my parents are from Formby and most consider me to be ‘posh’ (those friends who aren’t southerners!), my mum, dad and I have always identified more with ‘real’ scousers (I’ve grown up in Bootle). So we came up with a nice little compromise: scousé means to be scouse in every way shape and form minus the accent and a few other minor details. Personally I think it should be added to the dictionary!

Anyway, back to the whole point of this blog. I found out today, after a lovely skype conversation with my host family, that I will be leaving in just over three weeks to aupair for two months. 75% of me is ecstatic and 25% of me is shit scared (I come from a swearing family – sorry!). I am going to be responsible for two children under the age of five for ten hours a day and my main worry is keeping them alive! After that comment, I’m not going to be able to direct my new French family to this blog, oops. The children are beautiful, the family seems normal (thank God – you get some real weirdos on aupair websites: ‘single father looking for aupair aged 22-25’… we all know where that’s going, don’t we?) and, as you can see from my  header, the city is gorgeous. All in all I can’t wait 🙂

So, I hope you enjoy my blog, I hope it isn’t too pretentious and hopefully I will be able to share some brilliant moments of my life with you from now on!

Lots of love, Little French Faye xxx

P.S: This nickname was given to me by my boyfriend’s two little sisters, which annoyed me at first (I’m sensitive about my size and I’m older than them both), but now I think it’s quite fitting. Shout out to Ev & Grace – love you 😉 x




Just wanted to show off my Frenchy sunglasses… please be aware that this pout, along with any others, is merely a pisstake and I do not consider myself as one of THOSE pouty people. Merci beaucoup et au revoir x