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I’m not in France any more so this blog post may not be as interesting as all of the others but I’ve really missed writing. I kind of feel like my ‘normal’ life isn’t interesting enough to write about but we’ll see how it goes!

People keep asking me if I’m glad to be home and the truth is – I’m not. I’m extremely glad to be out of the situation I was in but it’s just really, really boring. I’m not the kind of person that can sit around doing nothing which drives my mum to absolute distraction. I always have to feel like I’m doing something. I’m desperate for experience that I can put on my CV as I become more and more aware of what a scary and competitive world it is outside of university. The last thing I want is to be caught in the trap that so many third years find themselves in – a great degree but no work experience to get them anywhere in the real world. Au pairing was meant to make me look brave, daring and exciting as well as giving me a two month holiday in the country I love…oops!

Since I arrived back in England I put my mind to finding something to occupy myself with. It’s actually quite difficult to find something you want to do. A few people have said to me ‘why don’t you work at events’ or ‘you just need a café job’ which is great for some people but it’s so not me. I think I’m allergic to ‘normal’ jobs – every job I’ve had working in a bar, restaurant or somewhere akin to that has turned me into a bitter people-hater. I want to do something where I’m still smiling at the end of the day and not desperate to get home and rant to my mum about the evil, evil world of customer service.

So today has been my lucky day really. At the beginning of the week I sent off a few e-mails to various English language centres (where they teach English as a foreign language) and got a HUGE response back – a whole ONE school replied. It turns out he’s basically a one-man school in a dingy office. Nevertheless, he’s said I can come in and observe a few lessons and he will try and get me involved in the actual delivering of the lessons so, all in all, I can’t complain. Then, a few hours later, I missed a call from the tutor company I applied to at the same time asking me to phone back for a ‘chat’. We all know what that translates to – a ‘phone interview’ which, quite frankly, put the shits up me. She was actually really sweet and sounded about twelve but she said that she ‘really liked’ my cover letter and the way it was written (yay me!). It looks like there is an interview in the making there and, when I say interview, I mean an English and Maths test, role-play based questions and an actual maths role play…brilliant. Let’s hope this A in English Literature counts for something!

All in all, England isn’t ALL bad – just a tiny bit. I’m going to make the most of everything that gets sent my way and enjoy spending time with family and friends. The biggest bonus is getting to go to my little cousin’s Christening which I would otherwise have missed being in France. Let’s hope she doesn’t do what her elder cousin tried to do which is run out of the church half way through the ceremony (or so I’m told)!

Please tell me if you actually find my life quite boring now it’s not tinted with croissants and cheese and if you have any ideas of what I could focus my blog on. Maybe I’ll just write about whatever takes my fancy: books, feminism and life as a (poor) student… who knows!

Lots of love, Faye (I’ve demoted myself to just ‘Faye’ now…) xxx