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I do an awful lot of writing, so I thought it might make a bit of a change to inundate you with pictures rather than words.  This weekend one of my best friends, Lydia, came to visit, and it was lovely to see the city I’ve grown used to through fresh eyes.  This is what we got up to over the weekend, and what I would recommend doing if you’re attempting the impossible: trying to squeeze everything in Paris into three short days.

Day 1

We started off our day with a wander around the Palais Royal, where there are some lovely little shop windows to look into.  We walked across to the Louvre, popped in to see the Mona Lisa, and walked through the Tuileries to Angelina’s for a well deserved tea/hot chocolate break. In the afternoon, we went to Galeries Lafayette, from the top of which there is a spectacular view of Paris.

Day 2

We veered off the usual tourist map by visiting la Grande Mosquée de Paris where we enjoyed some mint tea and baklava. It was so pretty here! Next stop – lunch at Café Pinson (an organic/healthy eatery) and then on to Montmartre for another glorious view across Paris. We could have stopped off for a crêpe but instead we got some Madeleines on our way back home!

Day 3

As it was Sunday, we decided to take this day a little easier.  First and foremost – croissants and coffee at the bistrot downstairs, and then catch the RER to Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors is an absolute must-see – no pictures can do it justice! Then a quick stop off for the obligatory Eiffel Tower photo, and then an early tea at Le Paradis du Fruit with a lovely view of Notre Dame. This has to be my favourite restaurant in Paris – a huge variety of healthy but tasty food and a dessert menu as long as the à la carte!

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do in Paris but this felt like a nice mix between the popular tourist spots and more off the beaten path finds.  The one thing we said we wished we had done was the Musée d’Orsay!  Maybe next time…